"I am the machine that reveals the world to you as only I alone am able to see it."
Lincoln in color
Casino Royale, Behind the Scenes

"No problem can be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it."

Albert Einstein
Inside a double piano
Finnish Wartsila-Sulzer RTA96 Marine Engine. Consumes more than 39 barrels of oil per hour and costs $34/minute to run.

As a kid, meeting people had variety. Serious variety. Each person was wholly unrelated—as unrelated as different species are unrelated. Around 7, I remember going with my dad to meet two of his friends. One loved star wars and video games and lived with his parents and the other had a son and lived with his girlfriend. As a kid, those two people were completely opposite. Not a single similarity.

3 years ago it started to become very different. A man is a man, I realized. Though he may be a different color or speak a different language we are both bound by the same inescapable shackles of our nature. We may be two very different men on the surface with different interests, political opinions, talents, professions etc.—but strip us of food, sleep, sex, water; strip us to the bone and we are the same man, the same animal. The same primal drive to nourish and pro create, this be-all end-all force that is last to be undone, is in me as it is in him as it is in all of us. 

So now people don’t seem so different. Not that people are all the same—people are tremendously varied but  not on the scale as I had imagined as a child. I see now that if you took everything from my dad’s two friends, they would become indistinguishable from each other. I see that underneath our civility we all wear the same mask.


Los Angeles, You Fucking Crazy City
BTS, Terminator 2


I take it all back. A good man, I’ve talked to good men in other fields. They’re certain kinds of men in every field that I can talk to as well as I can talk to a good scientist. I met an artist, Robert Irwin, a very important modern artist in Los Angeles, and I could talk to him at the same depth of excitement.

If you give me the right man, in any field, I can talk to him—and I know what the condition is: that he did whatever he did as far as he could go, that he studied every aspect of it and that he has stretched himself to the end; he’s not a dilettante in any way. And therefore he’s up against mysteries all the way around the edge. And we can talk about mystery—that’s what we have in common.


Richard Feynman 
View of Dresden by Moonlight, Johann Christian Dahl
Birdman, a Teaser Well Done
"Payoff" by Jonas De Ro